Nafn og ættbókanúmer hunds: Ciboria´s Oliver IS19692/14

Almost 11 years old. Med size. Masc head. Good prop muzzle and skull. Correct bite. Friendly exp. Enough skull. Excellent reach of neck. Good topline. A bit long in loin. Good shoulder and length of upperarm. Enough forechest. Exc coat. correct croup and tailset and showing the breeds lovely temp. Very well ang in rear and still moving like a clock and parallel coming and going. Well presented.

Dagseting: 3.3.2024

Dómari: Einar Paulsen

Einkunn: Sæti HV ME BR/BT MS Cacib V-Cacib Nuk V-Nuk BÖT BOB BOS TH BIS
Ex 1

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