Nafn og ættbókanúmer hunds: Vinar Patsy Cline IS33723/22

lovely young bitch with ex type. good size and propotins. short coupled. very feminin head and exp. lovely reach of neck. well angulated in front and rear. a bit short in upper arm. good bone and feet. good ribcage. lovely topline and tailset. strong in rear. lovely turn of stifle. low set hock. nice ottertail. a sound mover. ex coat quality. good temperment.

Dagseting: 14.5.2023

Dómari: Anna Gerschwindt Eriksson

Einkunn: Sæti HV ME BR/BT MS Cacib V-Cacib Nuk V-Nuk BÖT BOB BOS TH BIS
Ex 4

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