Nafn og ættbókanúmer hunds: Jökulrósar Hrafntinna IS28541/20

19mo. Bit heavy female, good size, good prop. Fem. head, lovely profile. BRown well shaped exp. eyes. SHould be broader in her jaws, esp. underjaw. narrow bite. Short neck. Strong back. Steep in croup. Well shaped ribcage but she has too much weight today, therefore give rather heavy impression. Could have more bone, good angles. Moves well. Very much coat today which could be harder.

Dagseting: 6.3.2022

Dómari: Maritha Östlund-Holmsten

Einkunn: Sæti HV ME BR/BT MS Cacib V-Cacib Nuk V-Nuk BÖT BOB BOS TH BIS

Prenta  Loka