Nafn og ættbókanúmer hunds: Ciboria´s Oliver IS19692/14

Well balanced, medium sized. Masculine head. I would have liked more pigmentation around the eye for a softer expression. Strong neck. Sufficient angulation in front, correct behind. Turns front feet out. Balanced bone. I would have liked the ribcage rounder in the bottom. Short, compact body complete with the typical wagging tail. Deep colour. Double coat. Moves parallel behind but it could have been with more power.

Dagseting: 24.2.2019

Dómari: Moa Persson

Einkunn: Sæti HV ME BR/BT MS Cacib V-Cacib Nuk V-Nuk BÖT BOB BOS TH BIS
Ex 1 1 3

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