Nafn og ættbókanúmer hunds: Sólstorms What´s This Life For IS18546/13

4 years masculen male. Ex type and proportions. Enough bones and substance. A bit rounded in skull and too wide in foreface compared with muzzle spoiling expression a bit. Corr bite. Ex neck. Well placed shoulders.A bit sttep in upper arm. Corr topline a bit low tailset. Ex angul in rear. Moves freely with good power. Corr coat, but in summer cond. Ex. temperament.

Dagseting: 25.6.2017

Dómari: Auður Sif Sigurgeirsdóttir

Einkunn: Sæti HV ME BR/BT MS Cacib V-Cacib Nuk V-Nuk BÖT BOB BOS TH BIS
Ex 3

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